Work with Me

With my clients, I provide a unique combination of nutrition and fitness expertise as a Registered Dietitian. I believe in building positive partnerships with clients and businesses to help people be healthier and be at their fittest. Let’s work together on projects to achieve your goals. Contact me here.

Here’s How We Can Work Together

  • Corporate Wellness Programs: Unsure of how to navigate the growing need for wellness programs events at work? Or maybe you need ideas to raise employee morale and improve productivity? I can help you design and implement global wellness initiatives to increase employee participation in your wellness program.
  • Presentations/Workshops on Nutrition: I absolutely love public speaking and sharing my knowledge with others. Many companies and organizations put on health seminars as a part of their wellness programs. Let me teach your employees about various nutrition topics like weight management, diabetes, exercise, and the latest trends!
  • Nutrition App/Website Development: Designing a new nutrition/fitness app and need nutrition guidance? I can help you gather and integrate the nationally recommended nutritional guidelines or other parameters according to your needs.
  • Media Contribution: Writing an article about nutrition and fitness but not sure what the correct science-based answer is? Or maybe you need an expert to dissect the latest diet and exercise trend? I can provide quotes or professional articles which will help readers navigate all the misinformation out there. Education through writing is my passion as evidenced by my blog.
  • Menu Preparation: Are you a chef opening up a new restaurant? Or maybe you need to reconfigure your menu to make sure it fits within certain health parameters. I’ve worked in food service for almost 10 years and know the challenges that face restaurants today.
  • Personal Counseling: Need help reshaping your lifestyle? Partner with me to reach your fitness goals. I have trained client and counseled patients on how to make positive lifestyle changes. Let’s skip the fads and the diets, and let’s tailor a healthy lifestyle of eating to how you want to eat.
  • Anything Else? I am excited to lend my nutrition and fitness expertise to you. As my clients and friends will agree, I am a highly energetic person with an contagious passion for nutrition and exercise. Send me a message via the Contact Page and together, let’s make a positive change.

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