Ladies who lift: be strong, not skinny


The most common comment I get from women is “I want to lose weight but I don’t want to lift weights. I don’t want to get too bulky.” Understandable, but unless you’re training for a bodybuilding competition or training multiple times a day like an athlete, this isn’t a real concern.

Regardless of your gender, there are so many benefits to weight/resistance training. There are increases in:

– resting metabolic rate to burn more energy throughout the day
– lean body mass
– power & strength
– bone strength
– muscle endurance
– mobility/motor performance
– muscle tone & definition
– happiness and self-esteem

My sister (above) has worked out since college but it wasn’t until this last year that she started CrossFit. She effing loves it! I constantly hear her say “I feel so strong”, “I did so many pull ups today” and “feel my biceps!” It makes us laugh because we love it! I am very proud of her for putting in the effort to be strong, not skinny. I fully acknowledge the role vanity plays in our lives, but to me, striving for peak performance feeds the true athlete’s mentality: “I want to challenge myself everyday to be the strongest I can be.”

I also think women who lift break down barriers in a male-dominated industry known for dudes being the strong ones. Women are strong too and they can kick some serious butt. BuzzFeed shares what women who lift have learned since they started (#4 is my favorite). Whether it’s in the weight room or at an outdoors bootcamp, ladies, lift! Maybe I’m fighting a huge social way of thinking when it comes to body image but I’m okay with that. I challenge all of you to change the conversation and push yourself to be strong, not skinny.

Thomas Ngo RD
The More You Ngo


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