My Leg Day Workout


There’s a saying in the exercise world that rings in my head during every Leg Day: “friends don’t let friends skip Leg Day.” A lot of dudes don’t train their lower body enough! I think it stems from two things: (1) guys focus too much on their upper body glamour muscles and (2) they don’t train their lower body often enough so it’s their weakest area (and because of this, they hate it. It’s a vicious cycle).

I never worried too much about it because I was a lifetime runner. Then, about 6 years ago, I sprain my knee. After an x-Ray, the doctor found out that I had an old injury that required surgery. He said that I wouldn’t be able to run like I used to, and he was right. I spent most of the following year in PT learning how to walk again. I had suffered severe muscle atrophy during recovery so I had to start from scratch. Strangely enough, because it was my weakest area, it motivated me to make it my strongest.

I make sure to exercise my lower body 3 times a week. I can’t go as hard as most people because of my knee, so I pace myself and slowly push myself. It’s taken so much discipline to be where I am today, but I’m happy with how much stronger I am becoming!

Here’s one of my Leg Day workouts, inspired by my friend, Sara, who has kicked my butt every time we’ve done a bootcamp class together.

Leg Day circuit training: I do these 5 exercises with no rest between sets. 1 min rest before starting each round. I complete as many rounds as I can in 30 mins.

– 10-12 squats w/ a barbell or dumbbells
– 10-20 jumping squats
– 20 twisting squats* (10 each side)
– 20 walking lunges w/ dumbbells
– 20 backward lunges (10 each leg)

I like to end this Leg Day with 10-15 mins of high resistance spinning on the stationary bike (it burns!). On other leg days, I do 30-45 mins of high resistance spinning or increase my squat/lunge weights. I like to change it up each day. Calves are done on chest and arm days as rest between sets.

So friends, don’t skip Leg Day 🙂

Be safe. Be strong.

Thomas Ngo RD
The More You Ngo


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  1. Ian says:

    See this is what it is like for me… Picture one is pretty much what I look like (muscle wise), upper body looks quite good, lower body looks untouched… then I lift my shorts like in pic 2 and you can see large quads (not as large as yours, but still large…. Need some muscle to spread further down the damn leg!

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