Think Outside the Takeout Box: Cheeseboard’s Hot Green Sauce


A couple of weeks ago, we went to Cheeseboard in Berkeley, and it was magical. Picture it: a giant room filled with cheese. And next to that giant room is a pizzeria called The Cheeseboard Collective. We ordered the pizza of the day which was topped with mozzarella, feta, corn, and Padilla peppers (notice no sauce). By itself, the pizza was good! But then we realized that everyone was pouring a homemade spicy green sauce on their pizzas (think La Vic’s orange sauce’s cousin). So, we poured it all over our pizza. With the first bite, I literally closed my eyes and was transported to another world. This sauce is God’s gift to mankind. It’s crack and it is delicious crack. It’s a mix of a citrus vinaigrette, pesto sauce, salsa verde or Indian chutney. Aka it’s perfect. Unfortunately as we were eating, the store closed and we couldn’t buy any of their sauce in bulk.

So, I searched the Internet for any saint who knew the recipe for this amazing sauce. I found Bakelist‘s take on the recipe and made it one night. It is spot on. We made it again last night for 12 friends, and it was a hit! I’ve attached a modified version of the recipe below because the original recipe barely yields 1 cup, which is not enough for anyone.

Recipe: Cheeseboard’s Hot Green Sauce
Servings: makes ~18 oz.

2 huge bunches of fresh cilantro (de-stemmed)
6-8 cloves of whole garlic
5-6 Serrano peppers (de-stemmed + do not remove seeds)
Zest of 3 limes
Juice of 6 limes*
3 tbsp of white vinegar
1.5 tbsp Dijon mustard
1.5 tbsp spicy mustard
1 tbsp honey
0.75 cup olive oil
Salt + pepper to finish

Put it all in the blender. BOOM! It’s that easy.

* Pro-tip: microwave the limes for 45-60 seconds. It helps them release so much more juice.

I encourage you to put it on…everything. I especially like getting a rotisserie chicken from Safeway and dipping it this crack sauce. Serve it with a big handful of green beans and dinner is served! Other ideas: put it in your green salads, cold grain/pasta salads, sandwiches, and proteins (BBQ meats, steaks, fish, shrimp, etc).

Happy eating, friends!

Thomas Ngo RD


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Pam Ong says:

    I buy this almost every week and I don’t know why it never occurred to me to just make it! I put it on my eggs, potatoes, tempura, sashimi, raw oysters, grilled fish…… As you know, the options are endless. Thanks for this!

    1. Diane says:

      Thanks for putting up the recipe for the green sauce, I’ve become an addict and love it on everything, too. Well, practically everything! And, I started reading your previous posts and really enjoy the great information and advice regarding health, food and fittness.

  2. Wanda says:

    OMG – I can’t wait to make this!!!

  3. Mike R says:

    I make a stir fried cauliflower-rice with chicken, veggies, etc – and mix in healthy amounts of this stuff! It’s so perfect. Have tried to recreate the recipe with less than exact luck… THANKS FOR THIS!

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