Alcohol rules: how not to be a hot mess.

20140725-110051-39651789.jpg   Last weekend, I did something out of the ordinary (for me). I drank 5 days in a row. To be fair, it was an average of 1 alcoholic beverage a day (with one exception). I don’t normally drink but I was invited out to a few different things during which everyone drank. It’s hard not to have a drink when everyone else is drinking. I had my first beer in college (darn you, beer pressure!) during a mentally stimulating game of King’s Cup. And though nowadays I enjoy a tasty adult beverage, I don’t drink very often because it really affects my sleep. Above all things, I love sleep and prioritize feeling rested each morning. I could be a professional sleeper if that were a real job.

However, it’s becoming increasing difficult to navigate the social scene without alcohol being around. It’s hard to say, “no”. Plus, wine is kinda delicious! Still, I try to use my best best practices to help moderate my alcohol intake

Tip #1: Don’t drink with dinner.

At dinner time, stick to water first. It’s so easy to consume any beverage with a meal so make it water. That way you’ll keep it cal-friendly, and will hydrate well just in case the night gets a little wilder than expected.

Tip #2: Start & alternate with water.
  • No brainer here. Getting dehydrated is a common occurrence when consuming alcohol. Smart order of beverages: water, alcohol, water, etc.
Tip #3: Soda water is your friend.
  • Consider swapping out those sugar-laden margaritas for a vodka soda for a cal-friendlier option
  • Don’t like still water? Switch it up with soda water. Add a lime and you’ve got a drink in hand that looks like a cocktail. It’s a good trick for those who want to don’t to drink and make a hoopla about it. When my friend found out she was pregnant and just wasn’t ready to announce it yet, she would order this to keep it on the DL.
Tip #4: Sips not shots.
  • Many of us drink our draaaannnkkks so quickly! After a dinner party or cheese tasting, it’s like “How did I just drink that many?!” A moderate number of drinks per day for women is 1 drink; men, 2 drinks. It’s important to note that 1 drink means 12 oz of a regular beer OR 5 fl oz of wine OR 1.5 fl oz shot of liquor. I like to choose bourbon over ice OR a cold beer to sip on while hanging out with friends because those are drinks I can sip more easily
Tip #5: Set a maximum (not a minimum) per day/week and stick to it.
  • If you don’t drink one day, no, you cannot save it up for Saturday and drink all of it at once. Nice try. 😉 set yourself a maximum number of drinks per day and per week. Example: I set myself a limit of 1 per day and 4 a week.

I wonder if I’ll be able to follow these rules when it comes to celebrating at my bachelor party in Vegas. I guess we’ll find out! Be healthy, friends! Thomas Ngo RD


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  1. jackie says:

    Hi Thomas! Great blog. I’ve been following it for a year. I am an RD (newbie) and am interested in sports nutrition. I met you before and you mentioned you volunteered/interned in San Jose with a sports nutritionist. Could you contact me at my email and help me get in touch with her. Or possibly send her my email and let her know I am interested in employment and/or volunteer work. Thanks so much, Jackie

    1. Thomas says:

      Hi Jackie! Sure, what’s your email address?

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