Sriracha Hummus


Let’s be frank. Sriracha is good on almost everything. (Edit: Sriracha is good on everything.) Even though I grew up eating it, I didn’t fall in love with it until the past couple of years. Now, I can’t get enough of it.Why not combine it with another growing food trend: hummus?

Sriracha Hummus: easiest recipe ever!

1 cup of plain hummus
1/4 cup of Sriracha

Hummus is just…amazing. Its popularity has been growing over the past decade and rightfully so. Firstly, it’s delicious. Secondly, it’s so healthy! It’s generally made with chickpeas, which are fantastically balanced legumes providing a mix of plant-based protein, fats and carbs. Thirdly, add Sriracha and who can resist?! It’s the perfect food marriage.

Curious about what a healthy snack portion is? Aim for about 1/4 cup with veggies or a few whole wheat crackers. Warning: portion control might be difficult to exercise with this Sriracha Hummus.Other ideas:

  • Bring it to parties as a healthy dip
  • Mix it in with your tuna, chicken, or egg salad instead of mayo
  • It’s perfect on sandwiches and wrap
Try it out and let me know how you think.
Happy eating, friends!
Thomas Ngo RD

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