Why I work at Rise.


In the past 4 months, I’ve been radio silent on my blog, but it’s been for a wonderful reason: my job at a start-up called Rise. I’m back to posting new entries weekly and I wanted to start by sharing my new role with my kick ass team and what we’ve been working on. Rise is an iPhone app that connects users with their own personal nutrition coach. The best part is that we recruit the best experts to be coaches on the platform: Registered Dietitians.

When I became a RD last year, I knew that I did not want to work in the traditional clinical or long term care setting that most RDs naturally pursue first. I wasn’t even interested in private practice, which has become the gold standard goal for many professionals in this industry. I was craving to do something that had everything and nothing to do with my education and credential. Yeah, that made no sense to no one.

When Sara reached out to me for an interview, I was sold. I saw the product and met the team and I knew it was perfect. I thought, “I have to be a part of this immediately!” It was and is the innovative space that I’ve been looking for: an arena that blends technology and nutrition, allows me to apply my expertise, and gives me the chance to learn/do so much that I never even imagined possible. Being a part of the core team has been the best part. I work with the smartest, coolest, and most passionate people I know.

Still, I won’t romanticize the challenges that we have faced and the ones that lie ahead. We are striving to make positive strides in the nutrition arena and bring the profession to the current/future technological state. The growth I’ve seen since I started 6 months ago has been indescibable. Our team as a whole is awesome and I love my #TeamNestie (nutrition + bestie = Nestie). We work with so many coaches national-wide and it’s just the start! It is no easy feat, but as our trajectory continues upward and forward, I had full faith we can do it. We are already changing the lives of our users!

Over 100K meals have been logged on Rise! To celebrate, we’re offering a first week FREE. Enter this code (RISE1WEEK) at checkout. bit.ly/URwbDU
Thomas Ngo RD

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hi Thomas,

    I am a RD and am currently earning a MS in nutritional sciences. Are you aware if Rise is looking to grow their network of RD’s? If so, let me know, I would love the opportunity to apply!



    1. Thomas says:

      Hi Kylie! Send me an email at tomgon@gmail.com and let’s connect that way.

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