The Two Types of Dieters: Which One Are You?


Have you ever wondered which diet is right for you? There are a kajillion diets out there. Your mom, brother, old 6th grade science teacher are all telling to try the diet they’ve been on. But who’s right?

In my experience, there are two types of dieters: one who do and ones who don’t. Hahaha okay, I’m semi-joking. The truth is that everyone eats differently than the next person and there are two general types of dieters: the one who can moderate and the all-or-nothing. Depending on your personality, there is a right way of eating for you.

The all-or-nothing like rules. Tell you not to eat something and you won’t. Tell you to eat certain healthy foods and you will. If you fall into this category, you’re comfortable with the clear control you have with your diet. You like routine in your life and your diet.

The moderators like to bend the rules. Whether it’s 80/20 or 70/30, You like to eat healthfully for the majority of your meals and like to indulge moderately. You prefer variety in your daily habit and can exercise control when necessary.

It’s easy to say one is better than the other but again, the truth is, we all eat differently so there isn’t a “better” one. As long as each of us are safely taking in the necessary calories and nutrients each day, it doesn’t matter. Remember it’s not about eating equally, it’s about eating in a balanced way. Everyone’s definition of balance is different.

As always, be safe, friends!

Thomas Ngo RD
Instagram: @TheMoreYouNgo
Facebook: The More You Ngo


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