2013: Our Year in Review

The More You Ngo tank tops are all mailed out today!
The More You Ngo tank tops are all mailed out today!

What a year! 2013 has turned out to be a great year for The More You Ngo. We celebrated our TWO YEAR anniversary (wow!) in October. The blog got upgraded to a full blown-website. Our Facebook page evolved to include more articles and tips. The Instagram page was born. I’ve contributed to several online and print media articles. And the Kick Starter funding project was a success.

I want to take a moment and thank everyone who has come to read, comment, share, or pledge their support for this project of mine. Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbuck’s, said that “success is best when it is shared.” And I have to firmly agree. This project of mine is not just mine, but it’s also yours. We all contribute something to it and my contribution has been regular posts to spark conversation and consciousness in your life about fitness and nutrition. I hope that I have been able to inspire some positive change in your life and gotten you excited about your health!

This website and project runs on no ad revenue or sponsorship for a few reasons. One, I want to eliminate any bias from what I post. I base all my posts on my knowledge and credential as a Registered Dietitian and my past experience as a personal trainer. Secondly, I fuel this blog with only my passion for nutrition and fitness. My daily tips and article posts on FB and IG and my weekly posts here stem from my own creativity and spontaneity when it comes to deciding what to talk about. I’m really happy with my mom-and-pop-shop website. It’s totally me!

Lastly, as a part of my Kick Starter project, I would like to thank everyone who pledged their support:

Adrian Gonzalez, Adrienne Aquino, Alex Nguyen, Alison Mackay, Andrea Gremer, Andrea Wolf, Andrew Prodromos, Angela Pappachan, Anoush Cyrus, Anita Poon, Brian Chang, Bryan Hoss, Cathy Chiou, Chit Aquino, Clark Jen, Christina Siebeneicher, Ghyrn Loveness, Ivan Wong, Jodell Dragon, Jonathan Nguyen, Kelsey Whitman, Kim Ngo, Lori Falatic Ramsay, Margo Lang, Maria Anjarwala, Martin Ngo, MaryAnn Nguyen, Mike Iv, Mike Lee, Nhan Ngo, Patrick Aquino, Ryan Matsuura, Sophia Quattlebaum, Stephen Shaw, Thy Nguyen, Vi Pavlicevich, Vinh Vi, Vivian Greene, Warren Chung, and Will Kivinski.

My professor once said that “once you define who you are and let everyone know it, that is when opportunities come your way.” I am doing everything I can to make my mark on this world and I know that my message for wellness is a lifelong commitment to myself and others.

Cheers to 2013 and let’s make even more positive strides in 2014!

Thomas Ngo, RD
Registered Dietitian
Facebook–The More You Ngo


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