Homemade Almond/Walnut Butters (The Reasons Why You’ll Never Get Store-Bought Ever Again)

photo 1
Almond Flaxseed Butter

When I was interning at Facebook/PlusOne, my friend and colleague, David Goldman RD CSCS, introduced me to homemade nut butters created by Chef Dana. So, last week, I decided to make my own almond and walnut butters at home. I pulled out my family’s century old food processor and was pumped to go.

It’s important to note that even though these two nuts count as “fats/oils,” they are jam packed with healthy fats. They contribute to positive heart health including cholesterol-lowering powers. Almonds are loaded with monounsaturated fatty acids; walnuts, omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (which may also help with reducing inflammation). I also love to add ground flax seed to pump up the omega-3’s and fiber. If you’re allergic to nuts, make your our seed butter with sunflower seeds.

On a taste note, homemade nut butters are preferable to store-bought nut butters because

  • store-bought nut butters have additives you can’t control like oil, sugar, salt, and preservatives.
  • home-made nut butters are freshly made (and not sitting on a store shelf for extended periods)
  • home-made nut butters have an airier whipped texture (easier to spread)
  • store-bought nut butters don’t taste as good and nutty as home-made nut butters

It’s a super easy process! FYI 1 lb (16 oz) of nuts make approximately 2 cups (16 fluid ounces) of nut butter.


16 oz of walnuts or almonds
1 cup of ground flax seed
1 tsp salt (optional)

Toss walnuts or almonds into a food processor for 15-20 minutes. You’ll want to stop it every couple of minutes to scrap down the sides. Be cautious not to overheat the food processor. Near the end, add the flax seed and salt. Mix it for another two minutes.

Store it in sterilized jars and refrigerate immediately. It’s important to refrigerate them because these oils are sensitive to light, heat, and air.

photo 2

photo 3

Walnut Flaxseed Butter


Thomas Ngo, RD
Registered Dietitian
Facebook–The More You Ngo


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