Real People, Real Fitness: Crossfit Athlete, Todd Wise

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Although Crossfit has been around for a while, it has been taking the sports world by storm only during the past few years. I’d like you to meet Todd Wise, who I met 8 years ago. He’s a personal trainer, a crossfit athlete, and now opening his new box called “Sundown CrossFit.” One of his most admirable qualities is that he focuses on what he wants to accomplish, and he does it. This is most evident through how he’s been broadening the CrossFit brand through his training and business ventures. Today, he’s sharing his story and fitness tips to inspire you towards your fitness goals through CrossFit.
My name is Todd Wise. I am 27 years old and I co-own Sundown CrossFit in Santa Clara CA. I started my athletic career at the age 12 with Martial Arts in Morgan Hill, CA. I trained and coached at the United Academy of Martial Arts for 11 years. During this time, I earned a 3rd degree black belt and was a head instructor/Competition Team MMA coach/Extreme Martial Arts Stunts coach and Demo team coordinator. At ages 16-18, I was a western regional champion in forms and fighting in my weight division in the NBL and AMAPA. Then, I moved on to playing Men’s Lacrosse for SJSU for 3 years at the midfield position. I then became a Personal Trainer leading TRX group classes/Spin classes/Boot Camps. During the start of becoming a personal trainer, I found CrossFit. For myself, CrossFit was a way for me to stay competitive after college and stay in amazing shape with ease.
After 2 years of CrossFit, I found that CrossFit was an amazing tool to change my clients lives. I found that my goals and the goals of my clients shifted from what the scale said to a focus on fitness, how much they could squat, lift over head, how fast they could run a mile, how their FRAN time improved. We changed together to work on goals everyday that got results. We knew together why we pushed. Not to see a number go down each week, but to see how much better we could move, how strong and fast we could get. This in turn changed not just that number on the scale but changed the mind of each client from “I CAN’T LIFT THAT” or “I CAN’T MOVE THAT FAST” or “I DON’T WANT TO” to “I GOT THAT” “IS THAT ALL THE WEIGHT? PUT ON MORE” “I CAN DO THIS”. For myself, that is why I am a trainer, a coach, and a friend. I want to help the world see that we are amazing machines that CAN do anything. If we have a little faith some believe and a great individual who cares to show us the way. We all can improve our fitness. This is what CrossFit has taught me and this is why I CrossFit. It changes peoples lives.
– If you have never done CrossFit, please try it.
– Find a quality CrossFIt Box start out slow!
– Ease into it but push yourself just a little more each and everyday.
– If you need help in taking steps to change your current health condition ASK FOR HELP!
If you are interested in CrossFit, come and work out with Todd at Sundown CrossFit ( + 3505 The Alameda Santa Clara CA 95050).
Eat Clean and Lift Strong,
Thomas Ngo
Dietetic Intern
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Facebook–The More You Ngo

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