TRX Suspension Training

Have you seen people using these bands to work out at the gym?  I remember seeing it a couple of years ago and thinking how weird and awesome it looked.  I found out later that it’s called TRX Suspension Training.  Along with CrossFit, TRX has gained great popularity amongst gym-goers during the past couple of years.  Innately, they draw people in because they are relatively new and alternative ways of working out compared to the traditional weight lifting or cardio routines.  And it’s a good thing!  As training professionals, we promote changing up our routines.  With all of these great alternatives, there really isn’t any excuse not to work out.

So what is TRX suspension training?  Using military style training, the TRX suspension bands use your body weight to perform stability and strength exercises. I especially love the emphasis in stability endurance because it forces you to use your entire body (especially your abs/core balance) to maintain proper form.  I’m all about the basics and building that stability and core endurance is the essential foundation for all exercise.  The cool part is that you only use your body weight!!  The difficulty is elevated by changing the angles, positions, and movements with your body.


This is a basic plank but with your feet elevated.  This is one of the first exercises you should master before moving on.  Along with strengthening your balance and core, it helps to build that muscle-mind connection that is so important.

Instructions: Place your feet into the suspension bands. Position your arms in a 90 degrees bend with your shoulders directly above your elbows. Lift and fully extend your body to create the “table top” (your shoulders, back, and hips form a plank that is parallel to the ground).  Engage your core aka squeeze your abs together to maintain that plank position.  Don’t let your hips droop!  Breathe consistently.

Like with all workouts like CrossFit and traditional weight training, consult a trained professional to help you.  Gyms are offering it more readily and you can try it out for free during an instructional class.  It’s important to be careful with TRX suspension training because it deals with very specific form and movements of the body.  As a result, it’s super easy for newcomers or weaker individuals to compensate with other muscle groups during an exercise.  This can lead to injury!  But with the guidance and supervision of a good trainer, you’ll be able perform exercises well and avoid injury.

The next time you’re at the gym and looking for a new challenge or looking a way to strengthen your stability, check out TRX suspension training.


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