My Workout

Before and After. 2004 and 2011. 18 years old and 25 years old.

I started working out in April 2004. Back then, I was 18 years old, about 5’10” tall, and weighed approximately 130-135 pounds.

Today, I am 26 years old, 6’0″ tall, and I weigh approximately 155-160 pounds.

I’ve tried to change my workout every 6 months depending on new goals and new challenges that I want to tackle. Here is my current workout. I’ve done so many types of exercises and I used to do total body work outs during every gym session. It tired me out and didn’t allow me to focus as well as I could on a couple of muscle groups. So, I’m currently doing 3 split days to split up my muscle groups. Note that each workout is only for 1 hour. Although I try to maximize my time by being efficient and perform circuit training, I never compromise my form. You’ll see that certain exercises are lower in weight etc. Form is everything to my success.

3 split days:

Seated Row: 3 X 15–45lbs (wt for each arm)
Back Extensions: 2 X 15–body weight
Pull-Ups: 3 X 12–body weight
Single Arm Dumbbell Row: 3 X 15–50 lbs
Seated Chest Press: 5 X 15, 12, 10, 8, 6–65-105 lbs (wt for each arm)
Decline Cable Chest Press: 5 X 15, 12, 10, 8 & 8 (last set is a drop set)–40-47.5 lbs (wt for each arm). Drop set wt is 47.5 then 35 lbs.
Cable Chest Flies: 4 X 15, 12, 10, 8–30-42.5 (wt for each arm)
Flat Bench Dumbbell Raise: 2 X 12–55 lbs

Dumbbell Squats: 5 X 12–body weight & 55-100 lbs (dumbbell)
Leg Extensions: 2 X 12–70 lbs
Single Leg Extension: 2 X 12–35 lbs (each leg)
Leg Curl: 2 X 12–90 lbs
Single Leg Curl: 2 X 12–45 lbs (each leg)
Leg Press: 4 X 12–115-160 lbs
Single Arm Cable Lateral Raises: 4 X 10–10 lbs (each arm)
Shoulder Presses: 4 X 10–35-45lbs (each arm)
Dumbbell Upright Rows: 4 X 10–30-35lbs (each arm)
Dumbbell Frontal Raises: 2 X 10–25 lbs (each arm)

Cable Rope Pull-Downs: 4 X 15, 12, 10, 8 & 8 (last set is a drop set)–35-65lbs. Drop set wt is 65 lbs then 35 lbs.
Cable Barbell Push-Down: 4 X 15, 12, 10, 8–72.5-100lbs
Alternating Dumbbell Bicep Curls: 4 X 10–35-40 lbs (each arm)
Cable Barbell Bicep Curl: 4 X 12–42.5-50lbs
Alternating Dumbbell Hammer Curls: 4 X 10–35-40 lbs
Decline Bench Leg Raises: 5 X 10
Decline Bench Sit Ups: 4 X 15

Thursday – Sunday: rest/swim/or repeat the split day schedule.

Above all else, I truly believe in rest. Take a day or two to rest during the week and let your body heal and grow. And as always, be safe while you work out.


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