Mind Over Matter

As much as I love becoming a Registered Dietitian (1 more year until it’s official!), I love being a personal trainer so much.  I have a lot of friends who are personal trainers, all of whom do it for various reasons.  For me, I truly love teaching clients how to understand their bodies, challenge themselves, and, most importantly, break free from their mental barriers.  We all have different associations with exercise and body image.  But the common thing is that we all have those insecurities to varying degrees.

Those insecurities serve as barriers to our success in any part of our lives.  I remember when I first joined the gym, I was so intimidated by the idea.  It took me months to even decide to go into the gym and then a couple of weeks more to actually sign up.  My insecurities didn’t end there.  I was the scrawniest kid, and I would feel so inadequate while working out with the other guys my age who were more in shape and hitting the free weights hard.

But as I became more consistent with my workouts, I noticed not just a change in my body, but also my mindset.  My self confidence grew partly because I realized that most of the people in the gym felt the same way as me (even though they were biggest than me).  Everyone in the gym looks at everyone and sizes them up, regardless of their level!  Also, I found that all the regulars there were actually super cool.  They weren’t hating on me because I was the new scrawny guy.  I LOVE that the gym is crowded because it’s full of people who are trying to get into shape.  Sure, it can be frustrating to see many endanger themselves by pushing too hard when they’re not ready or exercising with poor form.  But really, they’re trying which is phenomenal.

But the big question is….what is stopping you from working out regularly?  Let me name all the reasons that may be true for you:

– “I have no time” (I don’t believe you.)
– “I don’t want to mess up my hair” (No.)
– “I can’t afford a gym membership” (I pay $14 a month and it’s free outdoors)
– “I don’t know what I’m doing” (Ask for help)
– “I’m scared” (You can do it!)

If you’re sitting there complaining about wanting to lose weight or get stronger, maybe it’s time for a change in mentality.  Have that change reflected in your vocabulary.  Instead of saying “I want to lose weight” say what you’re actually going to do about it:

“I’m going to run a mile each day”
“I’m going to do yoga three times a week” or
“I’m going to commit to 30 minutes of resistance training 4 times a week.”

It all comes down to (1) how much you want it and (2) how hard you’re willing to work for it.  I’ll tell you what I tell all of my clients: “I’m here to give you all the tools of success, but how far you’ll go and how successful you’ll be depends all on you and how hard you work for it.”

There are many external barriers to success, but the our own internal barriers can be the most restrictive.  In truth, we are stronger than we credit ourselves and more capable than we realize.  Though our insecurities never fully disappear, we can, however, increase our proactivity in spite of them.  So, quiet that voice of doubt in your head because…YOU CAN DO IT!  Now, do it.


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