There’s An App For That!

The advent of the iPhone popularized cell phone applications.  There are so many apps available that there is a running joke that “there’s an app for that!”  Well, there are GREAT health and fitness apps that you should use to help you reach your goals.  Here are some of the best ones that I’ve found!

App: Nike+ GPS

It’s Great for: People who want to run and track their mileage/progress

The Best Part is: that it helps you track you running/walking distance, set goals, and share your results with your friends through the Nike+ social network.  It’s also a FABULOUS pedometer, especially on the iPod nano since the nano is so small and has a super convenient clip on!

Cost: $1.99 for iPhone; Included Free for current iPod Nanos

App: Couch-To-5K

It’s Great for: People who want to ease into long distance running but never have run before (or have been on your butts for so long, it feels like they have never run before).

The Best Part is: that this app provides great and doable workout/running schedules to prepare you for your first 5K!

Cost: $1.99 for iPhone

App: Fooducate

It’s Great for: EVERYONE!

The Best Part is: it lets you scan barcodes and grades food items while you are at the grocery store!  It highlights the good and the bad of each item so that you can identify whether or not you want to eat what you just picked off the shelves.  Very helpful to decipher all the overwhelming information and tricky marketing out there.

Cost: Free for iPhone

App: Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal

It’s Great for: EVERYONE!

The Best Part is: that whether your goal is to lose weight or gain weight, this app allows you to input your current weight, goal weight, time frame, and other important information to reach your goal weight.  It then provides you with a daily caloric number to reach/maintain.  To do this, it allows you to track your food intake AND your exercise routine to track your caloric in’s and out’s.  This is a food diary that has most if not all of the caloric and macronutrient information of what you eat.  And best of all, it’s available all day to you at the touch of your fingers.  Out of all the apps you are considering, THIS is the one to get!  Let me say that again…DOWNLOAD THIS APP NOW!

Cost: Free for iPhone

At the end of the day, these apps are only the axillary tools to help you reach your goal.  Combine them with your motivation and hard work everyday and you will see results.  With all of these apps available, you have no excuse not to get into shape and stay in shape.  And remember…


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