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Everyone knows the saying: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!”  But we never have enough time.  We’re always on the go, so it’s easy to grab a pastry and coffee from the local Blue Bottle Coffee kiosk or the Philz Coffee Shop.  But $3.50 for large iced coffee + $2.50 for a donut every morning = trouble for your wallet and your waistline.

Breakfast Tip: Oatmeal.

Oh oatmeal.  How I love thee.  As a kid, I just did not get why people liked it.  It’s mushy and looks like it takes like cardboard.  But now I get it.  I have a tall glass of water and some oatmeal to start my day.  It’s a staple in my morning because it’s quick/easy to make, it’s healthy, and it’s simply delicious!  There are so many types of oatmeal out there: steel cut, irish, ground, and rolled oats.  Also, oatmeal has great offerings, primarily the health benefits of being a whole grain with fiber!  (Hello, regularity!)  It can contribute to lowering your cholesterol and lowering your risk of cardiovascular disease.  WIN-WIN.

There are so many ways to prepare it.  Traditionally, people serve it with brown sugar, raisins, and milk.  You can also get them in individual sized packets that are already flavored, but FYI they’re loaded with added sugar.  BLAH!  Skip them and buy a container of plain oats to which you can add your own natural flavorings.  I prefer Quaker Oats Quick 1-Minute rolled oats because it only takes the time to boil some water to make this breakfast.  Time saver!  Try adding your favorite fruit to naturally sweeten the dish like strawberries, blueberries, peaches, and cherries.  Bananas and raisins are my go to choice to naturally sweeten my oatmeal.  It helps me avoid adding a bunch of brown sugar to my breakfast.  Need a protein boost?  Add some almonds or tablespoon of peanut butter.  Boom!

Nutritional Value

Serving: 1/2 Cup of Quaker Oats Quick 1 Minute Rolled Oats (Plain)
– Calories: 150 kcal
– Total Fat: 3 g
– Cholesterol: 0 mg
– Sodium: 0 mg
– Dietary Fiber: 4 g
– Sugars: 1 g
– Protein: 5 g

And the best part is that it only costs about $8 for a 42-ounce container.  That’s about the same price you’ll get charged when you order 1 bowl of oatmeal at any diner/restaurant.  You can get about 30 servings out of the 42-ounce container.  Yup, for the restaurant price of 1 bowl of oatmeal, you can get 30 bowls of oatmeal.  If you throw in a banana into your oatmeal, then your breakfast just cost you $0.50 per serving.  Good for your wallet, even better for your health.

FEELING ADVENTUROUS?  Mix in 1/4 cup of oatmeal with 1/4 of quinoa. Boom!  Instant integration of a complete protein into your diet — [[]].  And if you’re gluten intolerant, quinoa makes for a fabulous substitute to oatmeal in the morning!


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  1. anoush says:

    i always make my own oatmeal, and add bananas, cinnamon, and….busted! brown sugar. i’ll try to not put in the brown sugar next time…. le sigh!

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