The True Cost of Water


My soul cries every time I see a family drink onlyphoto 1-1 bottled water.  Firstly, that is A LOT of plastic (recycle, reuse, reduce!). Secondly, that is a lot of green, as in cash, as in you are spending too much of it on bottled water, as in stop it.  Here is a breakdown of the estimated cost of bottled water:

Let’s assume a bottle costs about $1.00, which is a reasonable average price.  We are supposed to drink 8 glasses a day.  To make things simple, let’s also assume that we drink that amount in the form of 8 bottles of water (I do know people who only drink bottled water at home or on the go).  Factoring in 365 days a year, it comes to a total of $2,920 for one person to drink water in one year.

[$1/bottle] * [8 bottles/day] * [365 days/year] = $2,920/year for 1 person

If you have a family of 4, multiply that by 4.  Ouch.  That is over $11,500/year spent on bottled water alone for a family of 4 to get their drinking water in pre-bottled plastic.  It begs the question: What’s a family to do?  Here are a couple helpful tips to help you avoid drinking only bottled water, save money, and drink more water daily.

Water Money Tip #1: Get a water filter, and Then Please…Use It!

Nowadays, there are so many choices.  You can get one installed in your kitchen sink for somewhere between $100 – $500.  If that’s too much to handle, try a portable filter pitcher like the well-known brand, Brita.  A pitcher with a filter costs about $20 (there are lower and higher ranges for their many different products).  To maintain the unit, let’s say we need to change the filter about 3 times a year.  That costs an addition $20 a year for 3 filters.  The great thing is that you can use it at home for everyday use.  You can literally pour a thousand glasses of deliciously filtered water while you are at home instead of running to bottled water.  Thousands, I say, Thousands!!  Truly convenient, truly sustainable at home.  So the next time you reach for a bottle of water at home, stop and pour yourself a glass of refreshingly delicious and clean water to drink.

Water Money Tip #2: Buy Reusable Water Bottles and Take Them To Go

There are aluminum and plastic ones available everywhere.  (Side: make sure they’re BPA free for safe drinking).  Nalgene makes great safe plastic ones, and Klean Kanteen are cool aluminum ones that are widely available in stores.  Buying one and refilling it allows you to have clean drinking water with you anywhere you go!  That completely eliminates the need to continually buy bottled water.  They cost between $10-$20.  Sure, they are great on hikes, but they’re also useful on a daily basis so you have water available to you during car rides, for lunch to drink, or for you to take to work/school/gym with you where you can drink and refill to your heart’s content.  These bottles are a staple to a sustainable lifestyle!

So here are your options. You can spend as much as $11,500 each year just so your family can drink bottled water or you can spend about $80 so you can have clean drinking water available to you at all times.  I think there’s a clear winner here.  It takes just a few minutes to fill up your filtered pitcher to ensure that you your family can stay properly hydrated every day and save money.  It’s eco-friendly, nice on your wallet, and most importantly good for your health.  Think about what you could do with all of that extra money: vacations, birthday presents, more fresh produce/groceries, etc!

So, filter it, enjoy it at home or take it to go, but by all means, drink up, friends!


Did you know that it takes only an extra 100 calories consumed a day to cause a 10 pound gain each year.  That’s one regular coke a day!  Try substituting a glass of water for your daily soda/coffee/cocktail and avoid/lose those pesky extra 10 pounds.  Not to mention the diuretic characteristic of soda, coffee, and alcohol.  Conversely, water is zero calorie and a natural life line that hydrates and fuels the normal processes of your body.  Water: 1; everything else: 0


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